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Emily 18

Emily 18

Emily about herself: Hey, my name is Emily and I'm 18yo. Many people ask me how I got into this business. Well, let me tell you. It happened almost 2 years ago. I was a member of one online community where we shared pics, chatted etc. I used to study in school then... One day, I got a PM from a girl named Alice.

She asked me if I want to do modeling for her and make a site. She said I'm pretty and could make a good online career, hehe I had no idea what she was talkin' about, but when we met she explained everything and I said "YES".

During the shoots I found out that it's actually pretty fun and I enjoy taking pics and being creative in front of the camera. I believe many guys see that I am not just another boring model, and that I have personality... you can tell it from my pics and this is what makes me so popular. I'm very active in my forum and I will reply to all your emails immediately. I enjoy the interaction. I love reading books and I'm reading a lot lately. I like music, crazy parties and go out all the time. I am not much of a "home" person.

I'm having lots of fun running this site and you can learn many interesting things about me on my members' board. I'm very active on my board :) I also reply to all your e-mails fast and always keep in touch with my fans!

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Emily 18 Free Galleries

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to In The BathroomAdded: 2011-06-17LearningGo to LearningAdded: 2011-06-17Green Over The PinkGo to Green Over The PinkAdded: 2011-06-17Hot KitchenGo to Hot KitchenAdded: 2011-06-17Naughtiness At The KitchenGo to Naughtiness At The KitchenAdded: 2011-06-17Open The DoorGo to Open The DoorAdded: 2011-06-17A Hot House In The CountrysideGo to A Hot House In The CountrysideAdded: 2011-06-17A Hot Lonely GirlGo to A Hot Lonely GirlAdded: 2011-06-17A Tour Of The HouseGo to A Tour Of The HouseAdded: 2011-06-17Against The MirrorGo to Against The MirrorAdded: 2011-06-17Against The WallGo to Against The WallAdded: 2011-06-17Black DressGo to Black DressAdded: 2011-06-17Black SofaGo to Black SofaAdded: 2011-06-17ColorfulGo to ColorfulAdded: 2011-06-17CookingGo to CookingAdded: 2011-06-17CowgirlGo to CowgirlAdded: 2011-06-17Green And White DressGo to Green And White DressAdded: 2011-06-17Hot Living RoomGo to Hot Living RoomAdded: 2011-06-17Hot TyresGo to Hot TyresAdded: 2011-06-17In The Open AirGo to In The Open AirAdded: 2011-06-17In The Steel BoxGo to In The Steel BoxAdded: 2011-06-17Inflatable ToysGo to Inflatable ToysAdded: 2011-06-17Latex In RedGo to Latex In RedAdded: 2011-06-17Light Blue StyleGo to Light Blue StyleAdded: 2011-06-17My ToysGo to My ToysAdded: 2011-06-17On WhiteGo to On WhiteAdded: 2011-06-17Playing In The RoomGo to Playing In The RoomAdded: 2011-06-17Playing PoolGo to Playing PoolAdded: 2011-06-17Problem With The PipeGo to Problem With The PipeAdded: 2011-06-17Red SkirtGo to Red SkirtAdded: 2011-06-17Ruins Of A HomeGo to Ruins Of A HomeAdded: 2011-06-17Secret PlaceGo to Secret PlaceAdded: 2011-06-17Sexy Girl In FlourGo to Sexy Girl In FlourAdded: 2011-06-17Sexy NudeGo to Sexy NudeAdded: 2011-06-17Sweet TimeGo to Sweet TimeAdded: 2011-06-17The Big TreeGo to The Big TreeAdded: 2011-06-17The BoxerGo to The BoxerAdded: 2011-06-17The Long SkirtGo to The Long SkirtAdded: 2011-06-17Through The WindowGo to Through The WindowAdded: 2011-06-17Tired GirlGo to Tired GirlAdded: 2011-06-17Under The RedGo to Under The RedAdded: 2011-06-17Yellow And BlackGo to Yellow And BlackAdded: 2011-06-17Yellow And LightblueGo to Yellow And LightblueAdded: 2011-06-17On The TableGo to On The TableAdded: 2010-04-07PaintsGo to PaintsAdded: 2010-04-07Pink PillowGo to Pink PillowAdded: 2010-04-07PlaygroundGo to PlaygroundAdded: 2010-04-07Red And BlackGo to Red And BlackAdded: 2010-04-07Red BeadsGo to Red BeadsAdded: 2010-04-07Sex With DolphinGo to Sex With DolphinAdded: 2010-04-07ShowerGo to ShowerAdded: 2010-04-07Sport With MeGo to Sport With MeAdded: 2010-04-07Another OrangeGo to Another OrangeAdded: 2010-03-09Bath GirlGo to Bath GirlAdded: 2010-03-09Emily LoveGo to Emily LoveAdded: 2010-03-09Emily On VacationGo to Emily On VacationAdded: 2010-03-09Fruit GamesGo to Fruit GamesAdded: 2010-03-09Green NeylonGo to Green NeylonAdded: 2010-03-09Hardworkin WomanGo to Hardworkin WomanAdded: 2010-03-09Japan StyleGo to Japan StyleAdded: 2010-03-09MascaradeGo to MascaradeAdded: 2010-03-09Miamy BeachGo to Miamy BeachAdded: 2010-03-09Pink BedGo to Pink BedAdded: 2010-03-09Red ShitsGo to Red ShitsAdded: 2010-03-09Squared PantiesGo to Squared PantiesAdded: 2010-03-09Sweet CornerGo to Sweet CornerAdded: 2010-03-09White UnderwareGo to White UnderwareAdded: 2010-03-09Circlet Of FlowersGo to Circlet Of FlowersAdded: 2009-12-08Japanese StyleGo to Japanese StyleAdded: 2009-12-08Coctail PartyGo to Coctail PartyAdded: 2009-12-08Green SkirtGo to Green SkirtAdded: 2009-12-08Emily PlaytimeGo to Emily PlaytimeAdded: 2009-12-02Express YourselfGo to Express YourselfAdded: 2009-12-02Get Up On My StairsGo to Get Up On My StairsAdded: 2009-12-02Sweet MarmeladeGo to Sweet MarmeladeAdded: 2009-12-02Emilis Sexy OutfitGo to Emilis Sexy OutfitAdded: 2009-10-18Emilys AssGo to Emilys AssAdded: 2009-10-18Free ActionGo to Free ActionAdded: 2009-10-18Green PassionGo to Green PassionAdded: 2009-10-18LifebuoyGo to LifebuoyAdded: 2009-10-18Skoobi DooGo to Skoobi DooAdded: 2009-10-18Squared SofaGo to Squared SofaAdded: 2009-10-18Tropic FruitGo to Tropic FruitAdded: 2009-10-18Nurse At HomeGo to Nurse At HomeAdded: 2009-08-30Pink BikiniGo to Pink BikiniAdded: 2009-08-30Red BackgroundGo to Red BackgroundAdded: 2009-08-30Sexy MorningGo to Sexy MorningAdded: 2009-08-30Sweet TopGo to Sweet TopAdded: 2009-08-30True PatriotGo to True PatriotAdded: 2009-08-24SexyGo to SexyAdded: 2009-08-04Beautiful MusicianGo to Beautiful MusicianAdded: 2009-08-04Beautiful TouristGo to Beautiful TouristAdded: 2009-08-04Black And SexGo to Black And SexAdded: 2009-08-04Black And WhiteGo to Black And WhiteAdded: 2009-08-04Blue PillowsGo to Blue PillowsAdded: 2009-08-04Funny Girl 2Go to Funny Girl 2Added: 2009-08-04Brown SofaGo to Brown SofaAdded: 2009-08-04Girl On The NatureGo to Girl On The NatureAdded: 2009-08-04Green BedGo to Green BedAdded: 2009-08-04Green BootsGo to Green BootsAdded: 2009-08-04Green GrasGo to Green GrasAdded: 2009-08-04Green Striped SocksGo to Green Striped SocksAdded: 2009-08-04HieroglyphsGo to HieroglyphsAdded: 2009-08-04In The KitchenGo to In The KitchenAdded: 2009-08-04In The MountainsGo to In The MountainsAdded: 2009-08-04Lime DressGo to Lime DressAdded: 2009-08-04Little Bit LoveGo to Little Bit LoveAdded: 2009-08-04Little GirlGo to Little GirlAdded: 2009-08-04New York GirlGo to New York GirlAdded: 2009-08-04On The StairsGo to On The StairsAdded: 2009-08-04Orange GirlGo to Orange GirlAdded: 2009-08-04Orange SkirtGo to Orange SkirtAdded: 2009-08-04Pink And LimeGo to Pink And LimeAdded: 2009-08-04Pink SexGo to Pink SexAdded: 2009-08-04Pink SwimsuitGo to Pink SwimsuitAdded: 2009-08-04Purple PantiesGo to Purple PantiesAdded: 2009-08-04Red And SexGo to Red And SexAdded: 2009-08-04Red UnderwearGo to Red UnderwearAdded: 2009-08-04Show Me Your PussyGo to Show Me Your PussyAdded: 2009-08-04White VaseGo to White VaseAdded: 2009-08-04Yellow DressGo to Yellow DressAdded: 2009-08-04Yellow ShortsGo to Yellow ShortsAdded: 2009-08-04Beautiful EmilyGo to Beautiful EmilyAdded: 2009-01-11Delicious Puffy PussyGo to Delicious Puffy PussyAdded: 2009-01-11Hot Teen CutiesGo to Hot Teen CutiesAdded: 2009-01-11I Am So InnocentGo to I Am So InnocentAdded: 2009-01-11Nude Teen PussyGo to Nude Teen PussyAdded: 2009-01-11Spring Chicken TeenGo to Spring Chicken TeenAdded: 2009-01-11Sweet Fresh TailsGo to Sweet Fresh TailsAdded: 2009-01-11Sweet Natural GirlGo to Sweet Natural GirlAdded: 2009-01-11Teen WhoreGo to Teen WhoreAdded: 2009-01-11Tiny Teen TitsGo to Tiny Teen TitsAdded: 2009-01-11One Girl StripGo to One Girl StripAdded: 2008-10-28Sexy Red LingerieGo to Sexy Red LingerieAdded: 2008-10-28Bed StripGo to Bed StripAdded: 2008-09-21Sweet HomeGo to Sweet HomeAdded: 2008-09-21NaturelGo to NaturelAdded: 2008-09-08Pink StringsGo to Pink StringsAdded: 2008-08-29Red BedGo to Red BedAdded: 2008-08-25Black Sexy DressGo to Black Sexy DressAdded: 2008-08-18Stairs Of LoveGo to Stairs Of LoveAdded: 2008-08-07NatureGo to NatureAdded: 2008-08-02ForestGo to ForestAdded: 2008-07-27Funny GirlGo to Funny GirlAdded: 2008-07-22SunGo to SunAdded: 2008-07-18Blue SimphonyGo to Blue SimphonyAdded: 2008-07-18LovelyGo to LovelyAdded: 2008-07-18StrongGo to StrongAdded: 2008-07-18TheatreGo to TheatreAdded: 2008-07-18So sexyGo to So sexyAdded: 2008-07-14Blue TopGo to Blue TopAdded: 2008-07-14Tender GirlGo to Tender GirlAdded: 2008-07-14Orange TopGo to Orange TopAdded: 2008-07-14Sleep With MeGo to Sleep With MeAdded: 2008-07-14SaunaGo to SaunaAdded: 2008-07-14AppleGo to AppleAdded: 2008-06-28RestGo to RestAdded: 2008-06-28KitchenGo to KitchenAdded: 2008-06-28InnocentGo to InnocentAdded: 2008-06-28SofaGo to SofaAdded: 2008-06-28WindGo to WindAdded: 2008-06-28BedGo to BedAdded: 2008-06-28SoapGo to SoapAdded: 2008-06-28GirlfriendsGo to GirlfriendsAdded: 2008-06-28IntimGo to IntimAdded: 2008-06-28Sexy GamesGo to Sexy GamesAdded: 2008-06-28Sexy SmileGo to Sexy SmileAdded: 2008-06-28GlassesGo to GlassesAdded: 2008-06-28MistressGo to MistressAdded: 2008-06-28MorningGo to MorningAdded: 2008-06-28NackedGo to NackedAdded: 2008-06-28Red TopGo to Red TopAdded: 2008-06-28SleepingGo to SleepingAdded: 2008-06-28CookGo to CookAdded: 2008-06-28Sexy GirlGo to Sexy GirlAdded: 2008-06-28Appetite GirlGo to Appetite GirlAdded: 2008-06-28HiGo to HiAdded: 2008-06-28TvGo to TvAdded: 2008-06-28PassionGo to PassionAdded: 2008-06-28Beautiful GirlGo to Beautiful GirlAdded: 2008-06-28OrangeGo to OrangeAdded: 2008-06-28TendernessGo to TendernessAdded: 2008-06-28Locker RoomGo to Locker RoomAdded: 2008-03-28Cute EmilyGo to Cute EmilyAdded: 2008-03-28Cute TeenGo to Cute TeenAdded: 2008-03-28JacuzziGo to JacuzziAdded: 2008-03-28BedroomGo to BedroomAdded: 2008-03-28On The BeachGo to On The BeachAdded: 2008-03-28BeachGo to BeachAdded: 2008-03-28On The SofaGo to On The SofaAdded: 2008-03-28On The RoofGo to On The RoofAdded: 2008-03-28RiverGo to RiverAdded: 2008-03-28SchoolgirlGo to SchoolgirlAdded: 2008-03-28Super CutieGo to Super CutieAdded: 2008-03-28Sweet TeenGo to Sweet TeenAdded: 2008-03-28TeasingGo to TeasingAdded: 2008-03-28WoodGo to WoodAdded: 2008-03-28Wooden RoomGo to Wooden RoomAdded: 2008-03-28LollypopGo to LollypopAdded: 2008-03-28My BedroomGo to My BedroomAdded: 2008-03-28WindowsillGo to WindowsillAdded: 2008-03-28Blue PantiesGo to Blue PantiesAdded: 2008-03-28Red LingerieGo to Red LingerieAdded: 2008-03-28Bathroom FunGo to Bathroom FunAdded: 2008-03-28Black StockingsGo to Black StockingsAdded: 2008-03-28Blond GirlGo to Blond GirlAdded: 2008-03-28Blue LingerieGo to Blue LingerieAdded: 2008-03-28Chess LingerieGo to Chess LingerieAdded: 2008-03-28Hair DrierGo to Hair DrierAdded: 2008-03-28Love PantiesGo to Love PantiesAdded: 2008-03-28Red BedroomGo to Red BedroomAdded: 2008-03-28Red PantiesGo to Red PantiesAdded: 2008-03-28Seethru ThongGo to Seethru ThongAdded: 2008-03-28Sexy MaidGo to Sexy MaidAdded: 2008-03-28Silicone BraGo to Silicone BraAdded: 2008-03-28StawberryGo to StawberryAdded: 2008-03-28Tight AssGo to Tight AssAdded: 2008-03-28Pink PantiesGo to Pink PantiesAdded: 2008-03-28


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